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Publication Date: September 15, 2023

“Engineer Your Way” by RICHNOVATED is a memoir that shares the author’s personal journey! Drawing from his own experiences as an engineer, RICHNOVATED shares valuable insights and life lessons that are applicable to individuals from all walks of life, encompassing not only his journey from childhood to becoming a technical professional but also his ventures as an entrepreneur and community leader.

This book offers valuable insights and life lessons applicable to anyone seeking excellence in technical roles, entrepreneurship, or personal growth. Richnovated provides a blueprint for embracing opportunities, navigating challenges, fostering innovation, and nurturing relationships. Although centered around engineering, the wisdom goes beyond the technical realm.

Filled with inspiring quotes from prominent STEM leaders, educators, and successful business owners, this book serves as a powerful tool to help readers unlock their full potential and achieve greatness in all aspects of their lives, whether it be personal or professional.


by Richard S.T. Gilliam

When we believe, We Achieve!”Diversed In STEM” Premium is an inspiring and easy to read children’s book. This book contains new STEM coloring pages from each amazing character. Along with affirmations from each character showing their believe in thyself.​

This book teaches children about different possible STEM careers. And with the help of illustrations and stories, your child will learn that no matter what background you are from you can visualize yourself in a particular STEM Career.

This book portrays the life of 10 different children with diverse backgrounds and qualities. As well as a teacher who helps teach them the knowledge of self-belief and in a successful STEM Career.”Diversed in STEM” also goes into detail about how children from different backgrounds can collaborate together for success in life.


Jeimy Mercera

I booked a 60 minute call with Rich because I’m working pivoting from being a Medical Technologist to Laboratory Automation Engineer and needed some advice/feedback. I can 100% say that I’m very happy with my decision to book his service!!! He took his time and went step by step through everything on my resume, highlighted what was good, what needed some tweaking and gave me advice on how to word experience that I already have so that it can be transferable to Lab Automation. He asked me a lot of questions (without being condescending) in order to understand what I have been doing for the past 14 years and to my delight, I discovered that I have way more experience that I give myself credit for. If I could give him a rating it would be 5-STARS, recommend!!!

Alaya L. Poole

Maneuvering through the science industry has presented many challenges throughout my career. Stemming from college, it felt as if my hardships in accumulating my degree did not do my career justice. I have observed many fluctuations in grasping the appropriate experience needed to flourish within this field. After gaining much needed experience in my portfolio, I then found myself in a stagnant space. At this point in my career, I felt as though I boxed myself in. During my time in consulting with Rich, I became enlightened in the numerous options available to me that I was completely unaware of. Rich helped me to explore the different avenues possible just from dissecting my resume. He helped me to adjust my resume to become more proficient in the display of all of my accomplishments